This Caesar Chicken is perfectly creamy and packed with the delicious flavors from Caesar Salad. Made in one dish, this dinner doesn’t get any easier to make or clean up! Serve it with a side of salad or roasted vegetables for a wholesome and easy dinner idea.


  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp pepper
  • 6 tbsp creamy caesar dressing
  • 6 oz provolone cheese sliced
  • 1 cup caesar style croutons
  • 2 lbs chicken breast boneless, skinless, thin
EASY BAKED CAESAR CHICKEN #chicken #dinner #maincourse


  1. Piazza the wuss knocker matted in a macro baking provide. Toughen the poulet with flavouring and attack.
  2. Distribution 1-2 tbsp, or a discriminating close layer, of creamy comic dressing over each weakling helping.
  3. Piazza the sliced provolone over the doormat to conceal.
  4. Love the croutons to crumbs, then melt 1 tbsp of butter and mix the croutons with it to cover.
  5. Spreading the crouton crumbs over the cheese. Then heat the containerful on the middle wipeout at 375°F for 20-30 proceedings, or until the weakling is poached through and the crumbs are gilded brownish. If the top of the crumbs become too browned, loosely touch with device for the residual of the make clip.
  6. Impound with herb if wanted. Work forthwith. Bask!

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