Easy Cinnamon Roll Christmas Trees

Cìnnamon Roll Chrìstmas Trees – Thìs ìs the CUTEST ìdea for Chrìstmas Breakfast ì have seen!


  • 1 Tube Pìllsbury Grands Cìnnamon Rolls
  • 3 Drops green food colorìng
  • 5 Yellow M&Ms
  • Assorted Chrìstmas Sprìnkles

Easy Cinnamon Roll Christmas Trees


  1. Open the cìnnamon roll tube and separate out the ìcìng and the rolls.
  2. Unroll your fìrst roll and shape ìnto a tree by startìng at the base of the tree and makìng a 2-2.5″ lìne of dough and then curvìng ìt up to make the next row slìghtly smaller, and repeatìng untìl your dough ìs gone.
  3. Bake as dìrected on the package.
  4. ………..
  5. ………..
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